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Drop Shot is a brand which has experienced great growth within the world of padel. They have as part of their team the best player of all time, Juan Martín Díaz, who plays a crucial role in their goal of becoming a leading company. They manufacture high-quality blades for all kinds of players.


Drop Shot has always been a reference in the world of padel. It offers excellent quality models of all prices and for players of all levels. It is noteworthy to mention that the Conqueror series is one of the most sold ones in the history of padel. It offers different models for players of all kinds of levels. This brand offers the best padel blades, which will not leave you indifferent.

Drop Shot Padel Rackets

This brand offers a wide range of blades. The Pro carbon is one of the best-selling blades in padel history. It is a reference for all those players who are looking for an easy adaptation blade. It has a wide contact point with good ball output and great control.


It is entirely made of carbon, providing the blade a long-lasting durability and a better striking and comfort. 

This company moved its manufacturing base to Pakistan, a country where the foam produces powerful rebounds and a smooth play.


The blade that Juan Martín Díaz wields, the Drop Shot Conqueror, is a teardrop-shaped racket which grants great ball output, perfect for those offensive players who look for powerful strokes and a strong hitting sensation.

Drop Shot Padel Courts

Drop Shot Sports can help you set up a professional padel court, complete with glass tempered walls, lighting and turf. Enquire for more details.

Mesh Frame – “Excellent” is fully expressed by every detail.

Artificial Grass – High Quality guaranteed 5 years

Tempered Glass – Complies with European Standard EN12150-1

LED Light – 300W Flood Light

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