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BALI PADEL CLUB (to attend the geographic area of the Island of Bali) and INDO PADEL (focus on the padel requirements for the rest of the country)


It’s a group of Spanish and Indonesian professionals specialized in the production of structures for Padel courts. We deal with the design, construction and turnkey installation of certified Padel fields, designed and manufactured entirely in Indonesia.

In Asia, we have built and assist during the construction of more than 5 courts in Asia (Thailand, India and Indonesia).


We would be happy to give you the information you need about our Padel Courts and help you take your business opportunity forward.


You can take a look at our portfolio in the “Our Clubs” session and do not hesitate to contact us by email at or phone +34 646 12 28 19, +62 812 37 09 55 38

Invest in Padel Courts

The return on the investment is very attractive. Padel affords new opportunities to sports clubs to organize the tournaments and to coaches to extend the range of training courses.

What we do consulting:

Padel business model

We will help business companies & clubs to improve Padel Business.

Padel Management Consultation

We will help other padel clubs to manage their business and help them grow.

Build your own padel courts

Design and construction of padel courts in Bali and around Indonesia.

Organize Tournaments

We organize local, national and international tournaments & leagues.

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